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The United States of America is built on two political pillars, The Republican and The Democratic party.  Each is a cornerstone in the creation of this nation.  Most often these pillars represent opposing ideologies.

The strength of our nation is rooted in the ability of these opposing ideologies to find common ground.  This precedent was set by our founding fathers. It is the will to put to test our most fundamental beliefs in search of common good that makes us uniquely American. Our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and laws were not created by a King nor a Caesar but by strong-willed men with very different ideologies that found common ground.

The ARCH.US represents this great American tradition.

An ARCH of hard fought ideals.
A unity of belief.
The art of persuasion,
the power in compromise.

Please join us.

We need help with everything, from research to web design.  Please contact us at



Founder: Timothy Healy

Background: I was born in Paramaribo, Suriname and sent to boarding school, at 14, in Trinidad  & Tobago.  My father is from Babylon, Long Island and my mother from Englewood , NJ.

I first came to the US when I was 20 years old and have always been an American.  Being born and raised in two developing countries gives me a unique perspective of The Unted States of America.

Education: I am self taught.

Occupation:  I am a plumber and father to four children and four step-children and am in a relationship with Colleen M. Jacobs.  I am member of St Patrick Catholic Church.

Political: Fiercely Independant

Why create The Arch.US: I just want us to be American again.  Let's debate, argue, if need be, get into a heated  confrontation; but honor our adversary by using the debate to create something that we both can build on.  This is the single most important American tradition worth fighting for, the common good.

Our Logo: Is created by Alejandro Ayala with the following explanation:

"Papacito!!! OK... A brief explanation, one continuous line coming back and forwards from one extreme to the other (forming three lines: red, white and blue) meaning exchange of ideas, point of views, etc... A parabolic arch because of its strength and it's the most commonly used for bridges (and churches), and that's the point right? Building bridges."

Alejandro arrived in America to flee prosecution in Venezuela.  He, very proudly, became an American Citizen in 2018.

I need help with everything, from research to web design.  Please contact us at

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