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Simple Guide to Engaging Dialog

My favorite response to a post on social media goes like this.

"I think the world is flat." Me

"Well, that's your opion." Clifton

"Well Duh, and your point is?" Me



Three Things That Matter


1. Having a "Source"

Here are links to sources we have used.

CATO Institute

Pew Research Center

Human Rights Watch

National Archives




2. Understanding the "Source"

Here are links to give perspective. Find your representative and senators and legislation that affects you. .

Media Bias Fact/Check.  Where on the bias scale does the source rank? understanding your representatives. Every polititians' voting record.


3. The Value of the "Source"

This one is on you.

If you are going to debate a Conservative Republican, don't quote CNN, or MSNBC as your source.  They will shut you down instantly, and if we are going to find common ground we must remain engaged.  The same with Liberal Democrats, don't quote Fox News, they will immediately disengage.

Two links to help you decide.

List of conservative, neoconservative and libertarian think tanks.

Liberal Think Tanks




Most of these are sources we have used.  We will be adding more. Lost more...







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