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We Have Three Problems With Our Southern Border



The Southern Border

Our Southern Border is porous. We need to build walls to secure this border.  We need more Border Patrol agents.  We need drones, cameras and every technology available to secure our Southern Border.  This singular problem with the border has received a lot of coverage since Trump became president - as it should.  We should support his effort to secure the border.

There are two other issues that contribute to the circumstances at the Southern Border that have not received the attention they need. They play an equal role in creating the problem and must be addressed.

One is happening North of The Border.  America is the land of opportunity; it always has been. With the economy booming, even more opportunity is being created.  You have to love being American today.

South of the Border

South of the Border, it's not so good.  In Mexico "the criminal justice system routinely fails to provide justice to victims of violent crimes and human rights violations. Causes of failure include corruption, inadequate training and resources, and complicity of prosecutors and public defenders with criminals and abusive officials."

"Violence and extortion by powerful criminal organizations remain serious problems in Guatemala. Gang-related violence is an important factor prompting people, including unaccompanied youth, to leave the country."

There are many more examples of abuse South of the Border. The flow of people from places in distress to more promising soil is a natural part of human migration patterns. This empirical fact dates to the beginning of humanity.  It is a farce to pretend it does not matter or that we can change human nature.

North of the Border

When these distressed people cross our porous Southern Border, what do we gift them?  In one word, JOBS!  That we need to employ almost 8 million illegal immigrants in America is the North of the Border problem and "the magnet that draws undocumented workers."   It should not even be a concern, "Immigrants are a net positive in America."

If we do not address the two other problems, South of the Border and North of the Border "The Wall" is going to become a bottomless money pit.  No matter how difficult we make it to get North of The Border, it will always be worse South of the Border and as such, human migration patterns will persist.  Again, it is a farce to pretend that it this will not happen.

Really, We Can't Walk and Chew Gum?

The American electorate is solely responsible for two of the three problems, the porous Southern Border and the lack of immigration reform North of the Border.  The third one, South of the Border, we helped create. All three are tightly wound and must be equally addressed to create a solution.

"The Wall" alone does not address the cause of the problem.  It literally tries to build a wall between two problems without addressing the cause.  We must commit ourselves to change the immigration laws North of the Border, secure our Southern Border and promote democratic capitalism South of the Border, at the same  time.  We CAN walk and chew gum; we are Americans.


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2 thoughts on “We Have Three Problems With Our Southern Border

  • There’s an important issue at the root of why our government can’t (more accurately won’t) do a better job addressing the immigration problems (that you did a great job of laying out by the way) that rarely gets discussed – privatized prisons. Core Civic and Geo Group are two companies that make huge profits from the mess of our immigration policy, and it’s no surprise that they make huge donations to legislators.

    The following articles (see links) lay out the details far better than I could ever hope to:

    Like so many “policy problems” in our government, the issue is profit and corruption. Unfortunately, the discussion is driven by the legislators who are working for donors instead of the people they represent. And the media relies on those same powerful interests for advertising and access, so they are complicit. Can you imagine if every discussion of immigration in the “news” included the private prison corporations and the politicians they support (both directly and indirectly). At the root of every important and divisive issue (healthcare, education, gun control) are huge profits, and a large part of that profit is spent on buying our government. It is bribery and corruption pure and simple, but they have the resources and sophistication to distract and divide us. Follow the money – every time, every issue, that is the problem… and nothing will get solved until we expose that.

  • Thank you Bill. The Supreme Court has decided that money is free speach, so we cannot stop the money from “speaking.”
    “According to a report in 2014 by the Brennan Center for Justice, of the $1 billion spent in federal elections by super PACs since 2010, nearly 60 percent came from just 195 individuals and their spouses.”
    We can choose to elect polititians who refuse “dirty” money. That is where my vote will be and we must encourage everyone to do the same.
    Again, thanks for the great articles. No doubt, this cruelty makes for big profits.
    It is one of the “North of the Border” issues Americans must take responsibililty for.

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